Tips For A Good Real Estate Website

Building a good real estate website can be complicated. Not only do you need a website that ranks high in search engine results, you will also need features that allow your visitors to become buyers. Using different tactics will improve the results of your website.

Focus On Local SEO

Having a general SEO strategy will be useful for a real estate website, but you will need to incorporate tools that focus on local SEO. Since people looking for a property will likely perform their searches based on geographic area, you will want to make sure your listings come up in their search. If you have properties in different cities, you will want to find a strategy that helps you rank for the relevant cities in your area. For each listing, you should include keywords and phrases that mention homes in the specific city. Your website should state the general area you serve, especially if the area has a popular name since people may search for these words and not specific cities in the area.

Be Interactive

A nice real estate website is not only about listing available properties, it is also your first chance to capture the interest of buyers. There are tools available that can make your listings more interactive. You should take the time to incorporate 3D or panoramic views of the property. This can give people more of a sense of the space and increase their interest in visiting the property. Another interesting tool is the ability for people to virtually furnish the home or otherwise manipulate the interior design. People are more likely to be interested in a home they can visualize being their own. Since this can be difficult when visiting the property, the ability to virtually place furniture items in different places or paint the walls can make the home feel more relatable.

Include Local Information

Your website should include relevant information about the area. Each listing might provide a synopsis of major attractions in the area and describe the neighborhood. Since many families will choose their home based on the school district, it will be important to include zoning information for the local school system. This allows potential buyers to know which schools their child would attend if they moved to that location. Any special accolades about the schools or school district should be included. Giving examples of major employers and post-secondary institutions located near the residence can be of interest to people who are concerned about jobs and educational opportunities in the area or commute times.

Building a good real estate website not only requires SEO techniques that increase your rankings in search engine results, but you will also need captivating information that would be useful to potential buyers. An attractive, interactive website might increase your conversion rates and help you sell more properties.

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