5 Ways To Improve SEO For Your Commercial Real Estate Company

With commercial real estate, you are looking for a very specific audience, and you are selling a very specialized product, which makes your search engine optimization strategy particularly important. You want to make sure you are reaching your intended audience with your content. Reaching your intended audience will help you more quickly sell the commercial properties your real estate company has listed for sale.

1. Install an Embed Map

With a commercial real estate website, you are trying to get website traffic interested in a particular area. Getting traffic for someone looking for commercial real estate in New York is not that helpful if your business is located in New Mexico. Embedding search engine maps on your contact page to show your business location, and thus the area you serve, is one way to help confirm your location for search engines.

2. Correctly Format Your Phone Number

Second, you need to make sure that your phone number is correctly formatted on your website and on any listing website that shows local businesses. You want your phone number to either uses dashes or parentheses so that when someone looks at your phone number online, they can simply click on the number and dial it on their phone. You want to either format your number: (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890.

3. Ask for Reviews

When you work with a client and secure a deal, be sure to ask them to review your commercial real estate business. Send them an email with links to various review pages, including your website review page, and ask them to leave reviews about their experience in multiple locations. Having reviews on various websites can help pop your commercial real estate business to the top of the search results when someone is looking for a commercial real estate broker in your area.

4. Get Social

Having a presence on social media is not just for real estate agents selling residential properties. Having social media accounts can help your commercial real estate listings get noticed and can help with your SEO efforts.

Consider what social media sites you should use for your business. You can use these sites to post pictures and information about listings. You can also use these sites to share links back to blog posts and listings on your website. The key is to continually add content to any social media account you create.

5. Create Original Content

In addition to putting up listings on your website, you should also be creating additional original content. Adding new and original content to your website regularly will show search engines that your website is active and will help you rank for more keywords.

For example, as a commercial real estate company, you could write content about tips for purchasing a specific commercial property type, like a distribution center or a retail building. You could create content about how to build a commercial real estate profile.

Your content should help bring in readers who are interested in commercial real estate. Be sure to use long-tail keywords to improve your ranking, and use the keywords in the URL, page title, image title, and image alt tags, as well as within the content. Don't go overboard with the keyword in the content; add it naturally.

If you want to improve your commercial real estate business's SEO, make sure it is obvious where your business is located and format your phone number so people can easily click on the number and call you directly on their smartphones. Ask your past clients for reviews. Get on social media. Work to add original and targeted content to your website. Contact a company that provides SEO for commercial real estate companies for more information.