Three Rules for Designing Your Web Site

When you want your web site to best represent your brand and your business while being as easy to navigate as possible to your users, there are some critical steps for you to embrace. As you partner with your web site designer, you'll have a better idea of letting him or her know what you want and need after reading the steps laid out in this guide. With that in mind, read on and take full advantage of this advice so that your web site thrives. 

Strip It Down and Put Forth Your Best Content

As you look to put together the best web site, you need to be ruthless in the way that you get rid of any items that might clutter your site. While you want to have plenty of great graphics, information, and content, you need to arrange it in a way that is easy on the eye. The key is to make sure that your graphics and information do not conflict and compete. Keeping a clean, uniform theme that points your web site visitors to the most relevant portions will keep them coming back as opposed to driving them away. 

Keep Your Social Media Links to a Minimum

One major mistake that people make with their site is to plaster it with social media buttons that link out to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites. While you should definitely have these on your site, you shouldn't place them incredibly prominently throughout it. The reason for this is that you want to keep your traffic on your site as much as possible, allowing the social media to supplement it rather than detract from it. As a simple tip, keep these social media buttons in the footer rather than the header. 

Maximize on Your 5 Seconds of Fame

In dealing with the short attention spans of today, you need to be sure that you are selling people on your site as quickly as possible. More importantly, you should make sure that you sell them on your purpose and vision within 5 seconds. Making the point and purpose of your site abundantly clear should be your mission on every single page. This will prevent people from hitting the back button and forgetting about your site. This should be the goal as you move forward with every facet of your web site design. 

Keep these tips handy so that your web site is masterfully and efficiently designed.